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Breeder of Show/Pet Shetland Sheepdogs In Michigan.  

Enjoy our 2004/ 2008  Puppy Photo Gallery.

KM's AKC Shelties Pups in  Scottville,  Michigan
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Photo Gallery 2012

 This page shows every litter I have had over these years. I hope this helps all to know what I have been producing.

Please enjoy and take care.



  Skittle is our wonderful show quality mom.  She is built for show but would not enjoy the hype of the show ring.  She isi a home bound girl with lots of love. 

As you will see all her pups are beautiful.
Pups pictured a week old.   All Very beautiful.  Not a bad one in litter.

Thanks Kim







Rose Bud: Rasha and Nick Pup (Lt sable)

Joe: Skittle Sonic pup (Dk sable)



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