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Enjoy our 2003/ 2008  Puppy Photo Gallery.

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 This page shows every litter I have had over these years. I hope this helps all to know what I have been producing.

Please enjoy and take care.


Jazman /Stoney Litter  July 2008   




Crystal/Luke litter Oct 2008

Tara/Luke Dec 2007  Crystal/Luke March 2008

Crystal/Luke  Born Feb 07 2007 Ginger/Luke



Dec 2007

Bell/Nicky Born March 14th 2006 Rasha/Cody Litter July 2006


Born Nov. 2005
8 pups 4 Bi-Blue, 1 blue, 1 Tri, 2 Bi's
4 male and 4 females
Born May 2005

4 Sable Pups
3 males 1 female

Tri male & Patches
   Both above at 8 weeks old below at 5 weeks

 Bi-Blue Girls and Bi female

Bi Black Girl

Blue Bi-Blue & Kobe

7wk/4 months

Whinny Female
Rasha And Nick     
Pictures below from Owners.   Born  Oct 2004.
Rasha and Sonic Pups  7 pups
Snake M, Bi M, Tri F, Boots bi blue m, Blue F, Bi Blue M, Bi F.

Harry (Shurese 2)
Toby (Wheezer 2)

Tara 10 weeks and 1 yr


Blue female & Jake
Bi-Blue male Pebbles
 D.J. (Snake) at 8 months old.

Jake Bi male

Rose Bud: Rasha and Nick Pup (Lt sable)

Joe: Skittle Sonic pup (Dk sable)


  Skittle is our wonderful show quality mom.  She is built for show but would not enjoy the hype of the show ring.  She isi a home bound girl with lots of love. 

As you will see all her pups are beautiful.
Pups pictured a week old.   All Very beautiful.  Not a bad one in litter.

Thanks Kim













Rose Bud: Rasha and Nick Pup (Lt sable)

Joe: Skittle Sonic pup (Dk sable)


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