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KM Shelties

Breeders of Show & Pet Shetland Sheepdogs
In Michigan.

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M Shelties Breeds of Show/Pet Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) In Michigan.  These sheltie pups have lots of white on them   

Pictures Videos and more.  

Kim AKC Shelties Pups in  Scottville,  Michigan
  e-mail Us  231 757-4451

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 Thanks for looking! Kim 

Updated March 20,  2014 

. Please feel free to contract us to be on waiting list. For Pets, Performance and conformation puppies.

 kmshelties@gmail.com     Second e-mail



If you are looking to do performance or Conformation please let me know.
Nothing ready for new homes. Please feel free to be on our waiting list, couple of Quality  packed litters coming up.
 PAST litter as of  2013

We have Show / Pets / Performance puppies.

Contact us to visit and learn more!


Please write and let us know Name, contact number , and plans for puppy. any preference of color or sex of puppy.
 Look forward to sharing our beautiful baby's. 

Please Contact Us if you are looking for a puppy. 

http://youtu.be/OcVVNhzKicU  Enjoy video! Agility puppy play.




Emmie has 6 beautiful puppies!   5 boys and 1 Girl


Videos Taken 11-10-13
Enjoy watching the whole litter playing in yard and having a great time with us. See the Expression of happiness and Love the have.

http://youtu.be/lFtf20cmUAg 5 minute video of the playful fur Puppies. Enjoy     http://youtu.be/17Ro4twO3TM 2 minute Same video in front just shortened.

See each puppy below own Video!

7 weeks old More Pics to come.

Tri Male Show Prospect. 8" @ 7wks. Outgoing playful Boy. Contract us for details kmshelties@gmail.com 231 757-4451


Tri Boy http://youtu.be/kK-z9c-Etpc video Taken 11-10-13


Bi-Blue Boy 8.5'@ 7wks. Handsome looking fellow. He is as Flashy as he looks. Contract us for details kmshelties@gmail.com 231 757-4451


Enjoy his video http://youtu.be/2nnwrPLCGLk  Taken 11-10-13



Bi-Blue Sweet little lover jumpy butt boy. He just has to move his body and will squeeze his way where he wants and than right into your heart.
GREAT agility prospect and conformation prospect.  Contract us for details kmshelties@gmail.com 231 757-4451


His video http://youtu.be/n5zTZmWl7nE  Taken 11-10-13

Blue Merle http://youtu.be/cMcE6-gc6Ds Video taken 11-11-13    

Video Emmie/Hajji Puppies Enjoy!!!

5 week old Video of them playing.

Socialized playful puppies and temperaments shots of faces

Enjoy seeing them playing above youtube links.


Emmie / Hajji Babies 3 weeks and half old photos. Quality shelties puppies.














Every Litter has done for them

Dew Claws are done on everyone,

Vet check, worming, shots will be done also before they go.

Socialized in our home with us.

Micro Chipping is available and encouraged!

Pet puppies start at $800.00 required fixing be done when they are old enough. Breeders and Show puppies are more depending on there Attributes.  Contact us for more details and which puppies are available.  

Thanks  Kim

Please note Puppies are guaranteed yours
 when deposit is placed to hold them.

e kmshelties@gmail.com
Second e-mail

Sales Contract

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 Let's Know what you think of videos and page you see. e-mail Us 

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