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KM Shelties Breeds of Show/Pet Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) In Michigan. 

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Kim AKC Shelties Pups in  Scottville,  Michigan
  e-mail Us  231 757-4451

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 Thanks for looking! Kim 

Updated 2-17- 2018

 Please feel free to contract us to be on waiting list.
For Pets, Performance and Conformation puppies for sale.

Please note: Puppy Pick order: Show/Breeders, Performance, and than Pet People.

All on list - Please touch base with me - 

 kmshelties@gmail.com     Second e-mail

Litter Planned.  

Thelma/Billie AOAC  
Ebony/Bille AOAC

Hajji/Emmie  AOAC  

 Feel free to get on our waiting list. Thanks for looking

If you are looking to do performance or Conformation please let me know.

See photos of each puppy below! Video coming soon.

Look forward to talking, Talk soon,


Litters on there way. 

U-CH. KM Prince Hajji Baba RE    /    KM Step'n Happy Tappie 
 AOAC litter  Born 1- Girl and 1 boy


Tri Girl   and  Blue Merle Boy 3 week old above/ pushing 6 weeks old below




CH. Beckon KM Caped Crusader    /     KM California Callie
Callie/Adam Sable AOAC Litter
Born 4 puppies- below

1 girl 3 boys Above 1 week old below 2 weeks. Video coming soon.




         CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun

Just Bred:

KM Ebony Rose   (Tri Female)  /CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun  
 KM Beckon Sizzling Thelma (Bi-black Female) /
CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun


Photos below...taken between rain. Sorry not best.                          Pedigree below








Am Ch Beckon The Lefthanded Gun Am GCH Can Ch Laureate Cold Play Am Ch Macdega Notorious ROM Am Can JCC GCH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm Jpn CD ROM ROMC
Am Ch Fantasia Affair Of The Heart
Laureate Nuance Can Ch Autumngold Laureate Alabama
BISS Am Can Ch Laureate Louisiana
Adair Yours Truly Beckon Primarily Prince RN NAJ NF Am Ch Citation Livin' On The Edge
Adair All My Love
Adair Thinking Of You Am Can Ch Carmylie Carry On
Adair Love You Always Am pts
       (major pt)




     Pets required fixing.

 All our sheltie puppies, Requiring Litter AKC registration be processed, as well as Micro Chip with AKC reunited. This is done at Time of puppy pick up- leaving a check made payable to AKC, ($30.00 depending on # of owners) or doing Reunited at time of pick up, so chip is activated. ($16.00, I provide chip already in puppy, you just activate.)


Both Parents testing: VWd by parentage, Mrd1 clear by testing,  O.F.A Hips Good Dadd, Mom Preluim Good, Eyes Normal, Thyroid normal.

 (Please touch base with me - We Are doing waiting list.
Deposits guarantee a puppy from litter for you and your committing to Me, (Non refundable
I can not back out and either can you)
If we talk and I agree to take a deposit from you, you will have a puppy from your viewing and liking!

Please write and let us know Name, contact number, and plans for puppy. any preference of color or sex of puppy.
 Look forward to sharing our beautiful baby's. 




  litters coming Blue, Bi-blue, Bi-black, Tri and Sable.



Excuse the talking. but hard to get video of them with people when others are not around. Enjoy the Play fun loves.






              /                     .



Tradewynd Latifah (mjr Points)     /    GCH. Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot
Breed and All breed  shelties, #1 August 2016 consistently #2 2016 Sheltie)

Litter Born Watching for show prospects ready for new homes and photos to be up by March 25th 2017

Litter Pedigree below. 


contact me for video link of him and litter.


Show Puppies from this litter below NOT available at this time.





This Whole litter has Micro chip- Dew Claws done, Mrd1 and Vwd Clear, De-warmers and Shots UTD and Vet checked before leaving.
 Everyone is outgoing and Socialized very well. Sleep all nite in crate and started potty training. Before ready for new home.

Sales Contract

Pedigree  (see below).





 Puppies for Sale with follow Sheltie Blood lines Pedigree of puppies above


                                                                                                                                                                                             Am Ch Macdega Evergreen    

                                                                                                Am Can JCC GCH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm Jpn CD ROM ROMC / JCC GCH Magic Mami SS Of Northern Farm ADC

                                                             Am Ch Macdega Notorious ROM      Am Ch Fantasia Affair Of The Heart            Am Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM ROMC

                                                                                                                                                                                                Fantasia Siena

                Am Ch Blue Heavens Knockout                                                                                                                         Am Ch Odyssey Played to Perfection

                                                         Am Ch Blue Heavens Silver Rose Am Ch Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver ROM              Blue Heavens Tri'n Again

                                                                                                                                              Am Can Ch JCC GRCH Barkley's SS Pajero Junior Jpn CD CC ROM

                                                                                                                  Am Ch Blue Heavens Kuroi Yuri                         Blue Heavens Black Ice

BISS Am GCHG Blue Heavens Sizzling Hot

                                                                                                                                                                               Am Can Int Ch Apple Acres Chain Lightning ROM

                                                                                                          Am Ch Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder ROM         Am Ch Apple Acres Blue Chelan

                                                        Am GCH Vinita's Iceman Of Blue Heaven     Can Ch C-Mar N Dotted Swiss          Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco ROM ROMC

            Am Ch Blue Heavens Sizzling Ice                                                                                                                                       C-Mar N Pretty Colors Am pts

                                                                                                                                                                                         Am Ch Dundee Amos Moses ROM ROMC

                                                        Blue Heavens Repeat The Heat Am Can Ch Dury Voe Zydeco ROM ROMC                          Dury Voe Sing'N The Blues 

                                                                                                                                                                                        Am Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM

                                                                                                                Am Ch Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM                    Daystars Indigo Blue Diamond



                                                                                                                                                           CH. Montage Congaree

                                                                                      CH. Montage Booty Call                                        Homewood Heavely

                                                                                             Elbee Impromtu                  BISS Am Can Ch Elbee Fantasia Munkee Bizniz NAJ

                                                       Chapterís Way Out Willie                                                                     Skyecrest Elbee Chances Are

                                                                                                                                                       Am Ch Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver ROM

              CH. Tradewynd Hot August Night                   Miss CH. Blue Heavens Silver Streal                       Blue Heavens Weswyn Alyssa

                                                      Tradewynd Miracle on Ice Hillstone social Climber     BISS Am Can Ch Blue Heavens Silver Streak

                                                                                                                                                                  Hillstone Fantasia

Tradewynd Latifah (Queenie) (Speciality Major)


                                                                                                                                                    BIS CH. Macdega Notorious, ROM

                                                                                            Biss CH. Blue Heavens Lethal weapon     CH. Blue Heavens amazine Grace

                                            CH. Blue Heavens Smith Ní Wesson CH. Blue Heavens Wake up call      CH. Apple Acres Standing Ovaition

                     Blue heavens Play Ní for Keeps                                                                                     CH. Blue Heavens Kuroi Yuri

                                                                                                                                                         CH. Apple Acres Blue Heaven Thunder

                                                    Blue Heavens Ice Ní Easy Ch. Vinitaís Iceman of Blue Heaven  Can CH. C-Mar N Dotted Swiss

                                                                                                   Blue Heavens Copacabana             CH. Apple acres Standing Ovation

                                                                                                                                                         CH. Blue Heavens Kuroi Yuri




Please touch base with me - We Are doing waiting list.
Deposits guarantee a puppy from litter for you and your committing to Me, (Non refundable
I can not back out and either can you)
If we talk and I agree to take a deposit from you, you will have a puppy from your viewing and liking!


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To the long life and health of your dog!     Kim Pike   KM Shelties


Every Litter has done for them

Dew Claws are done on everyone,

Vet check, worming, shots will be done also before they go.

Socialized in our home with us.

Micro Chipping Done on each puppy, you need to activate chip ID!

Pet puppies start at $1100.00 required fixing be done when they are old enough. Breeders and Show puppies are more depending on there Attributes.  Contact us for more details and which puppies are available.  

Thanks  Kim

Please note Puppies are guaranteed yours
 when deposit is placed to hold them.

Second e-mail

Sales Contract

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 Let's Know what you think of videos and page you see. e-mail Us 

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