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KM Shelties Breeds of Show/Pet Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) In Michigan. 

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Kim AKC Shelties Pups in  Scottville,  Michigan
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  Thanks you to Puppy owners.
ALL Your updates are Great.

Please contact us to know what is available or not and what your future plans are for the puppy.


Puppy Page for details


 Thanks Kim

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Updated  Feb 17, 2018 

Home & News for KM Shelties
Breeders of Show & Pet Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) In Michigan.


 Let us know if you have interest in showing, conformation, Rally, Agility or Obedience.

  231 757-4451  info@kmshelties.com   

Litters are born.  Puppies  page!

Tappie/Hajji AOAC litter  (Born)

U-CH. KM Prince Hajji Baba RE /KM Step'n Happy Tappie 

Callie/Adam Sable AOAC Litter (Born)

CH. Beckon KM Caped Crusader/KM California Callie

parents photos Puppies  page!

Litters on their way. 


KM Ebony Rose   (Tri Female)  /CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun  

Thelma (photo coming soon)
 KM Beckon Sizzling Thelma (Bi-black Female) /
CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun



Group 1 Win!  CH. Beckon The LeftHanded Gun


    CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun take group 1 Sept 2, at Danville Kennel Club, Congrats
See Bille in yard. 


Puppies  page!


Sheltie national News our home bred boy gets noticed at Nationals Despite being out of Coat.
(made 2 cuts.) under judge Glenda Henson

      CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance -

 Sire: CH. Beckon KM Caped Crusader / Dam: KM's Behold Shaken Dee RN (pts)

Congrats to Barb Light and Thanks for Showing him Stephanie-  so Proud of Our Home bred boy

  Up coming Litters         



                  CH. Beckon The LeftHanded Gun



Ebony   /  Billie - CH. Beckon Left Handed Gun






CH. Beckon KM Caped Crusader   /  KM California Callie


 (Deposits (nonrefundable) guarantee a puppy from litter for you and your committing to one.  I commit to you and you commit to follow throw of getting puppy.)

We work hard to socialize and encourage early learning and development for each puppy.
We require from you (at time of pick up) AKC registration and Micro chip Activation- and pet puppies Fixed by 8 months old..

Puppy Page see update photos..

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Km Shelties

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Show News:


Congrats to above Performance Home Bred puppies and their wonderful owners. To many more titles.

Conformation 2016

Oct  2016 KM Crystal Blue Sky CGC title completed (shown by Sue Kieft) 

 May 2016 TRADEWYND LATIFAH (Speciality Major points) 3pts-Under breeder judge Guy Guevans

Conformation 2015

September 26, 2015   CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance -2pts  Wonderful Job Handling Him Becky Johnson-

September 19, 2015: CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance - 3pt Back to Back Speciality Major Wins
Handled by Becky Johnson Ms. Debra E. Tessman- Van Leaven

September 19, 2015: CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance - 3pt Back to Back Speciality Major Wins Handled by Becky Johnson- Mrs. Judith Kelsy

September 6, 2015: CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance -2pt   Handled by Becky Johnson - Mrs. M K Busse

September 5, 2015: CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance -  3pt Major Handled by Becky Johnson - Ms. L Robey

August 29, 2015: CH. KMís Taken Bi Chance - 2pts Goes Best of Bred  Handled by Becky Johnson- Mrs. Brocious


Conformation Ring 2014

August 3, 2014: Beckon KM Caped Crusader - Goes Best of Bred - Mr. Harry Schulman

August 3, 2014: KM Behold Shaken Dee RN- Goes Best of Opposite Sex - Mr. Harry Schulman

June 22nd 2014: KM Behold Shaken Dee RN - Reserve - Dr. Gary L. Sparschu
Also Got her Rally Novice title in one weekend.
Did both Performance and conformation at age of 9 months. Awesome girl.

June 8th 2014: Beckon KM Caped Crusader - 4pt Major - Dr. Steve Keating

June 7th 2014: Beckon KM Caped Crusader -Major Reserve - Mr. Carl Gene Liepmann

June 6th 2014: Beckon KM Caped Crusader - Speciality Major Reserve - Kathy Ryan

June 1st: Beckon KM Caped Crusader- 1pt - Linda C. Foiles

May 31st: Beckon KM Caped Crusader - Best Bred by Exhibitor Shelties and
then group one bred by Exhibitor Herding group- Mr. Bill R.W. Edwards

May 18th 2014: Beckon KM Caped Crusader -3pt Major - Jon Cole


Conformation Ring: 2013

See her page for details

Thanks to Becky Johnson for her expertly presentation and having fun with Mona. You guys are a AWESOME team!

1-12-2013:  New GRAND Champion KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA Going 3rd in Group Finishing in Style her Grand title under respected judge Mrs. Pat A Mowbray-Morgan. Thanks Becky for all you have done for our Mona and us. Thanks!!

1-04  1-05 1-06  2013:   CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA BOB 5 point Grand Major and SEL two days for 10pts. 

Conformation Ring: 2012

12-09-2012:   CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA BOB 5 point Grand Major. 
 under judge Linda Robey at the Skokie Valley Kennel Club show in IL. Thanks so much for seeing the Beauty of our girl.

12-08-2012:  NEW AKC Champion CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA gets a 3 point  Major. 
Big THANK YOU! WB for 3pt major under judge Mrs Robert Smith

12-2-2012:  U-CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA gets 2pt going Best of Opposite Sex.
 under judge Col. Joe B. Purkhiser

11- 11-2012:  U-CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA gets a 4 point  Major.  Big THANK YOU!  to Respected judge
Robin Mctaggart
 for 4pt Major giving her Best of Opposite Sex thanks for seeing the Beauty in our Mona!

11- 09-12:  U-CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA gets a 4 point Speciality Major.  Big THANK YOU!  to Well Respected
Yvonne Samuelson for 4pt Speciality Major in AL for her seeing the Quality in our Girl.

Belmark Shelties thanks for all your help and for using your wonderful stud to get our girl.
Apple Acres Shelties Thanks for breeding her wonderful outgoing mother.

Congrats to all wins at this show- Really Great shelties there.

Conformation Ring: 2011

2011 Mona Conformation showing.
Thanks Kurt Lubben for all your wonderful handling.

10-02-11  U-CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA Goes  BOB 1pt In Monroe, Mi Thanks to these judges who saw the Beauty of this young girl. Also, Thanks to Kurt Lubben for working so hard and yet having fun with Mona for these points. 

10-01-11    U-CH. KMíS SHAKEN MONA LISA RA (Am 1 pt  BOB Goes 1/W/B/BW  /PG4   &  1/W/B/BW  GREAT wins.


KM Shelties are Proud Member of AKC Breeder of Merit and American Shetland Sheepdog Association.


Every Litter has done for them

Dew Claws are done on everyone,

Vet check, worming, shots will be done also before they go.

Socialized in our home with us.

Micro Chipping!


 kmshelties@gmail.com    or    Second e-mail

  231 757-4451 

Thanks  Kim

Shelite Puppies Comformation, Performance Prospect

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